Why Don’t We Hear About Western Cyber-Attacks?

I ran into this question while preparing for June 27th’s episode of Security Weekly News in a BBC article. I’m not going to rehash the article like I did on the podcast, but I think it’s worth reading. The question the BBC poses is interesting and in some circles would be very provocative. After all, isn’t it unfair that politicians, media, and others … Read More

Interview with Carrie Roberts

InfoSec Career Podcast – Episode 11 Carrie Roberts shares some incredible experiences that she has had moving into security. She has gone from being a mechanical engineer for HP to now working for Walmart on their blue team. The changes that she has made have had a huge impact on her and her family. You will definitely want to listen … Read More

Interview with Michael Santarcangelo

InfoSec Career Podcast – Episode 10 Michael Santarcangelo comes back in this episode of the podcast.  Michael and I have had a number of conversations since he first came on the show and we wanted to share some of the things we have been discussing.  In this episode we are discussing the struggles of being in security management and how … Read More

Interview with Tim Medin

Infosec Career Podcast – Episode 9 Tim Medin is the founder of Red Siege and a Principal Instructor for SANS.  Tim and I discussed how he started doing security research and eventually got to his work with Kerberoasting.  It’s a process that requires persistence and a lot of “failures” before the success comes.  He’s an incredibly talented person and is … Read More

Interview with James Jardine

Infosec Career Podcast – Episode 8 If you are a developer and are wondering if there is a place for you in security, check out this episode.  James Jardine, of Jardine Software, joins us to talk about what interested him in security and how he carved out his place in the field.  I’ve known James for a long time and … Read More

Interview with Eric Johnson

InfoSec Career Podcast – Episode 7 Eric Johnson is a principal security engineer with Puma Security, a SANS instructor, and developer turned security professional. I originally met Eric in 2013 or 2014 and have worked with him off and on over the years. I wanted to bring Eric on to the show for several reasons. First, I was interested in … Read More

Interview with Tom Eston

InfoSec Career Podcast – Episode 6 I got really excited when Tom Eston and I started talking about him coming on the show. Tom has a wealth of experience in penetration testing and security. Now he applies his technical experience to managing a team of penetration testers. The best managers that I’ve worked for have always spent their time in … Read More

Interview with Chris Traynor

InfoSec Career Podcast – Episode 5 When I first met Chris Traynor, I found out that he had switched over to security by accepting a job at a company in extreme turmoil and crisis. In fact, he sent me a link to an article that had listed his new employer as the “most hated company in the country.” Welcome to … Read More

Interview with Ed Skoudis

InfoSec Career Podcast – Episode 4 This episode was really exciting for me to record! Ed Skoudis joined me during this episode of the show and we covered a whole range of fun topics. Some things that Ed shared were the need to pick an area of focus in security, the necessity of continuously learning, and how to learn more … Read More

Interview with Robin Wood

InfoSec Career Podcast – Episode 3 In this episode, Jason speaks with Robin Wood, aka @DigiNinja. Robin shares his path from developer to becoming a penetration tester. This included being told no several times when he got started and how he kept going. He also explains how he learns new things by developing tools and writing some excellent blog posts. … Read More