Interview with Ed Skoudis

InfoSec Career Podcast – Episode 4

This episode was really exciting for me to record! Ed Skoudis joined me during this episode of the show and we covered a whole range of fun topics. Some things that Ed shared were the need to pick an area of focus in security, the necessity of continuously learning, and how to learn more a subject much more deeply. He gave me some great tips for my journey to becoming a better instructor and it’s something we all can use.

Finally, we got to the part that I know people will really enjoy; this year’s Holiday Hack Challenge! We get a sneak peek into what’s coming up at KringleCon 2 Turtle Doves and how we are needed to save Christmas again. Ed also gave us the target release week for this year’s KringleCon as well as the location. Come hear what Santa and the crew have prepared for us this year!

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