Interview with Robin Wood

InfoSec Career Podcast – Episode 3

In this episode, Jason speaks with Robin Wood, aka @DigiNinja. Robin shares his path from developer to becoming a penetration tester. This included being told no several times when he got started and how he kept going. He also explains how he learns new things by developing tools and writing some excellent blog posts.

Robin sent me some additional information after we finished the show that’s worth considering if you are looking at going freelance. When he started off solo he found it was harder to get out of bed without a set time that he needed to be at work by. So he started delivering papers in the morning to combat this. He had to be at the shop by 7:00 AM, so it got him going early and he went straight from there to his own work. After about 6 months, he had established the habit of getting up early and stopped delivering papers.

Robin also wrote a blog post about going freelance as a security professional on the Dradis Framework web site. He has lots of good advice here on things you need to consider before you go solo. Take a read through it if you are looking at going on your own.

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