Interview with James Jardine

Infosec Career Podcast – Episode 8 If you are a developer and are wondering if there is a place for you in security, check out this episode.  James Jardine, of Jardine Software, joins us to talk about what interested him in security and how he carved out his place in the field.  I’ve known James for a long time and … Read More

Interview with Eric Johnson

InfoSec Career Podcast – Episode 7 Eric Johnson is a principal security engineer with Puma Security, a SANS instructor, and developer turned security professional. I originally met Eric in 2013 or 2014 and have worked with him off and on over the years. I wanted to bring Eric on to the show for several reasons. First, I was interested in … Read More

Prepare Your Security Testing Program

Most of us would agree that planning ahead beats reacting to developing and unexpected situations.  The nice thing about security testing is that it isn’t hard to plan for.  Even if you aren’t able to schedule a test right now, you can start preparing for when one is needed.  Let’s take a look at a few things you can do right … Read More

Security Testing Blog Post and Video Series

Planning for Security Testing Security testing is critical component of a security program and needs to be done on a regular basis.  However, I’ve noticed that how companies use security testing varies wildly.  Some companies have their testing integrated into their plans for the year.  Their tests are scheduled in advance and they know what needs to be focused on. … Read More

Penetration Testing Services Now Available!

I’m very excited to announce that Paladin Security is now offering penetration testing as part of our services!  For the last 5 years I have been working full time as a penetration tester and consultant at Secure Ideas.  Being a part of this incredibly talented team was exciting and a bit humbling at times.  However, it was time for a … Read More