Penetration Testing Services Now Available!

I’m very excited to announce that Paladin Security is now offering penetration testing as part of our services!  For the last 5 years I have been working full time as a penetration tester and consultant at Secure Ideas.  Being a part of this incredibly talented team was exciting and a bit humbling at times.  However, it was time for a change and I’ve recently switched back to defense at another organization.  But change doesn’t mean leaving everything you’ve learned behind and this change is no exception.  I started Paladin Security so that I can keep my offensive skills sharp and provide a little extra for the family.

Why would you want to use Paladin Security?

Here are a few reasons that come to mind:

  • You want someone with deep experience, but with more flexibility than larger firms
  • You need a penetration test earlier than other firms can provide one
  • You are just getting your first penetration test and need help getting through the process
  • You want to make sure that someone isn’t going to run through your network leaving wrecked systems in their wake.
  • You need to have someone that can give you a thorough test
  • You don’t want someone who is winging it for the first time

A penetration test can be stressful for a company.  You can ease that stress by selecting a company that knows how to perform effective and safe penetration tests.  I have worked  with a large number of companies to perform penetration tests that meets their needs, takes into account their business and do so without disrupting the business flow.

If you are a penetration testing firm and you find you need help getting through a busy time, Paladin Security is available to assist you.  I will work with you on how to structure the engagement, how client communications should be conducted and being a professional face for your company.  I will NEVER steal your clients or disparage your firm.

If you need a web application, mobile or network penetration test, please drop me a line at!