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Speaking at technology conferences has been one of the biggest boosts to my career. I had the skills, but not a lot of people knew it. Then I decided to submit a talk to a conference and things started taking off! It was fun, I've made friends all over the place and I've had some amazing opportunities!

You can do the same thing. You've already spent the time learning your craft. Share your knowledge with others!

Would you like to:

  • Be known as an expert in your field?
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Public speaking is a great way to establish yourself as someone who knows what you are doing. Speaking at technology conferences can establish you as someone people want to have working with them.

Speaking Out walks you through the whole process from:

  • building your confidence
  • selecting your topic
  • preparation
  • getting up on stage
  • making the most of the experience.

Opportunities, better skills and expert status. Go get it!

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