Decision Support

The security landscape is changing every day and it is not easy to keep up with. You are already running hard to keep up with projects, meetings, ad-hoc deadlines and the daily crisis. Where is the time to research the ramifications of the latest critical vulnerability? Management has heard about it in the news and wants to know how this impacts the business.

Of course not every decision you face or briefing that must be performed involves some vulnerability that has made the news. You also are dealing with risk decisions related to system architecture, client requirements, compliance, and whatever else pops up. Regardless, you need information soon. Instead of spending hours researching it yourself, get expert advice from a trusted partner.

Paladin Security has years of experience in supporting systems, protecting them, and breaking security controls. We keep up on the latest developments in security. We want to help you come to the best decision you can for your organization. Our subscription decision support service allows you to schedule a call to discuss the questions you have so that you can move forward with confidence.