Pro Bono Penetration Tests for Open Source Projects

Today I was hanging out in one of my favorite Slack servers and I decided to drop a small pitch for Paladin Security in the vendor related channel.  (Yes, I checked with the admin before I did so.) Someone popped up and asked me if I gave discounts for open source web apps.  Huh… do I?  I hadn’t really thought … Read More

UTOS 2009 Presentation Resources

On Friday October 9th at 12:00 PM I will be speaking at the Utah Open Source Conference on how to put together a kit of security tools using open source software.  I discuss a fictional company that we work at and some of the things that we can put in place to help secure the environment and handle some of … Read More

New Open Source Project Created – Reconnoiter

Earlier this month I decided to take the scripts for username generation and roll them into an open source project.  There were a couple of reasons for doing so.  First, I needed source control hosting and SourceForge provides that for free as long as you release the project to the public.  Second, I want to expand the scope of it … Read More

Speaking at the 2009 Utah Open Source Conference

Last month I sent the Utah Open Source Conference a proposal for a presentation on “Building an Open Source Security Tool Set“.  Presentations are voted on by the registered attendees and the other folks who have submitted a presentation.  When I was making my votes, I saw that there were a lot of great abstracts.  In fact, there were a … Read More