Penetration Testing

Paladin Security has years of experience in performing network, web application and mobile penetration tests.  These assessments are designed to not only discover the vulnerabilities in your systems, but will give you an understanding of what the impact of these vulnerabilities could be.  By having Paladin Security perform a penetration test for you, you can be confident that your systems have been thoroughly tested and that you will have an actionable report on what was discovered and how to fix the discovered issues.

Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment is similar to a penetration test, except that flaws are validated rather than fully exploited.  You still find out what vulnerabilities you have, but you may not be able to fully see what the impact of its exploitation would be.  A good vulnerability assessment only presents valid flaws that have been checked to ensure they are real.  The reports include what was found, the risk the flaw poses and recommendations on how to fix the issue.  Vulnerability assessments should be conducted more often to discover flaws early, but are not as time intensive as a penetration test.

Public Speaking

Interested in having us speak at your event?  We’d love to!  Paladin Security is frequently speaking about topics such as cloud security, penetration test, and security operations.  Contact us to schedule things up!