Scripts to Generate Usernames

I’ve written a couple of posts about a script I wrote to generate usernames.  Since then I’ve written another script that uses Yahoo’s XML API and both of them have been included in SamuraiWTF.  It’s been pretty cool to see people try out something that I wrote and find it useful to them.  The scripts are still pretty rough and need some work.

I’d like to make the Yahoo script less ugly to use.  Putting a huge API key in as a command argument strikes me as kinda lame.  The results from it are very consistent though.  So I actually prefer using it to the google version of the script.  You can download the Yahoo script here:  usernameGenYahoo.txt The Google script is here:  usernameGen-v2.1.1.txt

Please let me know if you find any bugs with them, want additional functionality or if you just found them useful.