Penetration Testing

Paladin Security has years of experience in performing web application, network, and mobile penetration tests. These assessments are designed to not only discover the vulnerabilities in your systems but will give you an understanding of what the impact of these vulnerabilities could be. By having Paladin Security perform a penetration test for you, you can be confident that your systems have been thoroughly tested and that you will have an actionable report on what was discovered and how to fix the discovered issues.

Web Application Penetration Tests

Web applications are major components of every organization and are absolutely critical to operating yours.  However, if they aren’t done right they become a major source of risk.  Are your web applications effectively protecting your data and workflows?  If you aren’t sure, Paladin Security can help you find out with a thorough web application test.  We can get you the information you need to make accurate decisions regarding their risk or get the evidence you need to improve your applications’ security.

Network Penetration Tests

Whether you are concerned about the security of your external network or internal network, Paladin Security can get you the answers you need.  There’s no need to wonder about the effectiveness your security controls.  We will work with you to build a network penetration test that fits your needs, covers the most likely attackers, and get you the evidence you need to support your risk decisions.