New Open Source Project Created – Reconnoiter

Earlier this month I decided to take the scripts for username generation and roll them into an open source project.  There were a couple of reasons for doing so.  First, I needed source control hosting and SourceForge provides that for free as long as you release the project to the public.  Second, I want to expand the scope of it to go beyond what I’ve done so far.  It’s great that people have found these scripts useful, but its hardly rocket science.  This should give me some more room to explore and share with others.

If you would like to check out the project, you can search for “Reconnoiter” on or you can just follow this link:

One last note.  There are some changes in the 0.2 release of Reconnoiter that may be useful.  I found a nasty bug in the Yahoo script that needed to be fixed badly.  That’s been done and committed to the release.  Last, I made the output a lot more useful.  There was no filtering at all for results that included HTML code in them.  This caused some obviously bad usernames.  Unless you logged in as “<b>jwood</b>” often.  To help with that I’ve added some filtering which should improve the quality of the results.  Enjoy!